Former Lab Members

Gone, but not forgotten! Our former lab members built the lab’s foundation and contributed greatly to our mission. They are missed!

Chloe Stewart

Former MSc Student


Chloe completed her undergraduate in biomedical sciences at the University of Ottawa. Chloe first dipped her toes in neuroscience in her first year and has been entranced ever since. She then joined the Watt lab in 2018 as a Masters student, and graduated in the summer of 2021. In her spare time, Chloe enjoys playing video games and dungeons and dragons, and keeping up with pen-pals across the globe.

Daneck Lang-Ouellette

Former PhD Student, Current Post-doc


During his BSc in Biology, Daneck was initiated to research by working at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. He then undertook his MSc in Biochemistry at Université de Moncton, studying gene regulation in small mammals during hibernation. Given his curiosity towards Neuroscience, Daneck moved to Montreal to join the Watt Lab at McGill University in 2015. His PhD thesis focuses on understanding how axonal plasticity is altering healthy cerebellar processing, which he successfully defended in December, 2020.

Sriram Jayabal

Former PhD Student


Sriram joined the lab on the same day that it opened its doors, and was integral in its establishment. Sriram worked on understanding the pathophysiology contributing to SCA6 and identifying therapeutic targets that reverse it. Upon completing his PhD, Sriram moved to Stanford where he is pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship with Jennifer Raymond.

Visou Ady

Former Postdoctoral Fellow


Visou joined the Watt lab in 2014 and contributed to several projects in the lab until 2017, when he moved on to greener pastures. Visou is now an officer with MITACS!

Autumn Metzger

Former MSc Student


Autumn joined the lab in 2014 and completed her MSc in 2016. Her project focused on the postnatal development of firing properties in Purkinje cells.

We have had a number of fantastic Undergraduate students who have contributed to the Watt lab!

Jatin Ai

Lois Lau

Andy Huang

Michelle Ma (MITACS Globalink)

Hannah Dolin

Kristen Vieira-Lomasney

Alexia Smileski (MITACS Globalink)

Sasha Mcdowell

Carter van Eitrem

Jeanette Hui

Mohini Bhade

Pauline de Vanssay de Blavous

Moushumi Nath

Sabrina Quilez

Alexander Cormier

Sam Keeshan

Amanda Hakala

Sara El Jaouhari

Oliver Russell

Megan Kern

Connie Li

Richard Yang

Vivian Li

Neil Recio

Eileen Mcnicholas

Marco Silva Camarena (MITACS Globalink)

Angela Yang

Misha (Manveen) Virdee

Charlotte Rosen

Kevin Liang

Lovisa Ljungberg

Thomas Erwes

Kathleen Sheridan

Alexa McIntyre

Gary (Chengjie) Huang

Gabriel Devlin