Alanna contributes to teaching in the Biology Department at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.

Courses Taught

BIOL 306 The Neural Basis of Behaviour (Fall)

Together with Profs. Dent and Sakata, Alanna teaches modules on the neural basis of motor control in this Y2 Undergraduate course.

BIOL 389 Laboratory in Neurobiology (Winter)

Alanna teaches a module where students use field recordings to study hippocampal long-term synaptic plasticity. This course is geared towards upper-year undergraduate students.

BIOL 580 Genetic Approaches to Neural Systems (Fall)

Together with Prof. Hendricks, Alanna teaches this course that focuses on reading current neuroscience literature. The course make-up is about half graduate, half undergraduate students. Undergraduate students should be in their final year, and should ideally have lab experience.

BIOL 219 Introduction to Physical Biology of the Cell (Fall)

Alanna teaches a module on the electrical properties of cells in this Introductory Y1 undergraduate course for Quantitative Biology students.

BIOL 210 Perspectives of Science (Fall)
Alanna will start to teach this course in 2020. It is a required course for students in the joint Arts and Science Program, and can be an elective for students in Science.